Saturday, May 5, 2012

Our March of Dimes Walk

So today we walked the March of Dimes for the first time! We had so much fun! Both the kids are tuckered out and sleeping peacefully! We saw an old NICU roomie and chatted along the walk for a bit about nurses and drama in the NICU. Glad that Peyton decided to wait til 39 weeks to make her final entrance to this world. Not sure how it would have affected me to have a 2nd baby in the NICU especially since when she was born Eli was only 15 months old. I did spend quite a bit of time in the hospital while pregnant with Peyton, one 4 day round of Magnesium and 2 shorter stints where they denied me food in fear of full blown labor and when I was finally allowed to eat, my contractions stopped! :) Apparently I have an incompetent cervix, which will make for a tricky pregnancy. With Eli I had a placental abruption....which I did not know at the time, but either or both of us could have died from that. I am so thankful that it all turned out alright. I am looking forward to being pregnant again as we do want more children but the uncertainty of my body's ability to go full term makes us hesitant. I would love to at least have 1 more baby, but we are waiting until both Eli and Peyton can be a little more self sufficient just in case I am put on bedrest again. That and we will need a bigger car lol. Looking forward to making a tradition out of the March of Dimes and hoping next year to contribute donations and maybe build a bigger team.

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